Due to weather, tonight's performance of WINNERS has been cancelled (Jan 26, 7pm). We are rescheduling opening night festivities and will keep everyone updated. If you had a ticket for tonight please reach out to boxoffice@ensemblestudiotheatre.org with questions.

We hope that you stay safe and warm this evening and will join us this weekend to see WINNERS.

We sat down with writer Maggie Bofill to talk about her latest project WINNERS, which premieres at EST on January 14th.  Here's what she had to say.

Q. How did you come up with the name Winners? What does being a winner mean?

This week, I sat down with seasoned director Pamela Berlin to talk about her latest project at Ensemble Studio Theatre.  Pam is a longtime Ensemble Artist and is in the first weeks of rehearsals for Maggie Bofill's WINNERS,which premieres at EST on January 14th.  Here's what she had to say about the playwright, the script and what it means to be a winner. 

Last year, with your help, we met our $200,000 Challenge, earning an extra $100,000 grant from an anonymous donor. 

The donor has extended the Challenge for another two years. If we raise $200,000 this year, we will earn another $100,000 gift from the same very generous donor. 

Watch this video to see why our artists think you should support EST!  

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A holiday happy hour featuring Shawn Randall, with music from Duv, Grace Kalambay, Johnny Buffalo and our own Shawn Randall himself.  
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Our artists, audiences and patrons continue to be extremely generous with their time, donations and support of The Ensemble Studio Theatre.

This holiday season, we'd like to give back by gathering canned goods to donate to the the Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ Soup Kitchen and Food Pantry right in Hell's Kitchen on 51st Street! 

Last year we donated over 150 canned goods!  



Day in and day out, they're lurking in the lobby of EST...

They got you tipsy at the Asking For Trouble concession stand. And on Tuesdays and Thursdays, if you play your cards right, you may catch them taking out your trash!

Who are they?

The EST 2014 Fall Interns of course!

You may have noticed, our Ensemble Studio Theatre blue square is starting to look a bit different these days.  We took a look at the logo we've had for the past few decades, and decided to see if it could better reflect what makes us unique as a company, without losing it's familiar feel. 

Working with WellNow Designs, the whole EST team got together over the summer to discuss what this theater really is and what that means to all of us.  We came up with three parts:

For seven years, Ensemble Artist Debargo Sanyal has seen the development and evolution of the beautifully complex character, Indira. His career as an actor is extensive (acting opposite of Robert De Niro is no small feat), and Debargo has given full life to his character in When January Feels Like Summer.  He has graciously described his journey with this marvelous play. 


After the success of WJFLS, how does it feel to have the play come back for another New York run?



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