RoughCut Productions

Designed to add a step in the new play development process between a staged reading and a full production, EST’s “RoughCut Productions” are fully-rehearsed, minimally-produced performances of new plays written by and featuring EST member artists.

The RoughCuts program was started in 2009 as part of an effort to place a stronger focus on full-lengths in EST’s new play development efforts.

Past RoughCut Productions


The Unusual Love Life of Bed Bugs and Other Creatures by Cori Thomas*

directed by Jamie Richards*
With Vandit Bhatt+, Maggie Bofill+, Stephanie Berry*+, Sarah Nina Hayon & Alfredo Narciso*+


Pidgeon by Tommy Smith*

directed by EST Member William Carden*
Featuring Robert Joy*, Curran Connor*, Angela Lewis, and Peter Maloney*.
With Theremin music by Jen Rondeau.


Graceful Living – The Whole Story by Maria Gabriele*

directed by Holli Harms*
With Julie Fitzpatrick* and Maria Gabriele* with Helen Coxe*
Lighting Design by EST Member Geoffrey Dunbar


Heaven Knows by Chris Ceraso*

directed by Jamie Richards*
featuring Haskell King*, Ed Setrakian, Joseph Lyle Taylor with Michael Lluberes and Brigitte Villieu-Davis

*denotes EST Member +denotes Equity Member