EST/Sloan Past Productions



Fast Company by Carla Ching

"A fast moving, funny and suspenseful comedy about an Asian-American family of grifters, the Kwan’s, who’ll con anyone -- best of all one another -- to get what they want." -Times Square Chronicle

" A crafty take on the dysfunctional-family tale" - The New York Times 


Isaac's Eye by Lucas Hnath*

"A  quirky sendup of fusty historical dramas... funky, stylized, but distinctly contemporary. Isaac's Eye winsa whole mess of points for originality." - The New York Times

"A brilliant new play." - nytheatre.com


Headstrong by Patrick Link

“[Patrick] Link has created a universal tale about the struggle between pride and self-preservation, and between honoring the past and creating a workable future.  A touchdown.” – Time Out New York


Photograph 51 by Anna Ziegler*

“Critic’s Pick! A play that glows with intelligence and humanity. Compelling theatre.“ – Backstage

Lenin's Embalmers by Vern Thiessen*

"A First-Class Production! Original, engrossing and entertainingly theatrical."  – Backstage


End Days by Deborah Zoe Laufer*

"Ferociously good. A serious comedy, and the best new play I've seen in a long time. End Days provokes, inspires, and entertains-and throws down the gauntlet to those who think American playwriting is damned." – Backstage


Lucy by Damien Atkins

“Profound and illuminating.” – Discover


Serendib by David Zellnik*

“A great play.” – NPR


Relativity by Cassandra Medley*

“Dazzling…Ensemble Studio Theatre’s First Light Festival, featuring plays that explore issues raised by science and technology, is always guaranteed to send audiences out with plenty to think about. ‘Relativity’ is no exception.” – The New York Times


Luminescence Dating by Carey Perloff

“The play succeeds at conveying the delights of intellectual collaboration. It rattles with sly wit.” – The New York Times


Tooth and Claw by Michael Hollinger

“Shifts effortlessly from humor to drama…bringing the momentum of a thriller to the arena of science plays.” – The New York Times


String Fever by Jacquelyn Reingold*

"'Science is sexy’ has yet to catch on as a popular motto for bumper stickers and T-shirts. But recent evidence from theater and film suggests that higher physics and mathematics definitely have that essential It factor. Now there is ‘String Fever’, which applies the elusive rules of string theory to the conundrums of one woman's love life. Think ‘Sex and the City’ meets ‘Copenhagen’. An unqualified blessing."
 – The New York Times


The Secret Order by Bob Clyman

“A very entertaining two hours, thanks to wonderfully energetic performances by the four cast members and much sparkling dialogue. Full of dazzling moments.” – The New York Times


Louis Slotin Sonata by Paul Mullin*

“A crafty narrative... irresistibly gripping.... as a historical episode suitable for dramatizing, you can’t do much better.” – The New York Times


Moving Bodies by Arthur Giron*

“Touching, honest, illuminating.” – Theatermania


Tesla's Letters by Jeffrey Stanley

“Is there a more timely play in New York right now than Tesla’s Letters? Pertinent, intelligent, instructive, well-acted, well-directed and often witty and suspenseful theater. Smartly directed by Curt Dempster, ‘Tesla’s Letters’ offers a multitude of rewards.” – The New York Times


Flight by Arthur Giron*

“A witty, touching flashback to the boyhood of the Wright brothers, beautifully directed by Jamie Richards, and there is poignancy between the laughs.” – The New York Times

* denotes EST Member