Apply for Membership

The Ensemble Studio Theatre is a non-profit creative home where theater artists can develop a body of work over their lifetimes. From emerging to emeritus, we are an ENSEMBLE of member artists and associates, working together within our STUDIO  to create and refine bold, authentic new work that can then be shared with an audience in our West 52nd Street THEATRE and in theaters everywhere. While applications are always considered, membership is generally extended to artists only after they have taken part in EST projects and contributed to the life of the theater. Membership in our company is an honor, but more important, it is a commitment--to honestly create and freely collaborate, to generously give time, energy, vision, love and support to our fellow artists and our audience.



  • A one (1) page Letter of Artistic Interest.
  • At least three (3) Letters of Professional Recommendation, all from members of EST.
  • A resume, a picture if appropriate, and any supporting materials that would further acquaint us with the candidate's work.
  • Full contact information including phone numbers,
  • Actors: If requested to audition, you have 5 minutes to present either 2 contrasting monologues or a monologue and a 2 character scene, or just a 2 character scene. If doing a scene, provide your scene partner and minimal props/set pieces. You may also be asked to do a cold reading at the audition.
  • Directors: An interview will be required. Current work as well will be viewed if possible.
  • Playwrights: An interview may be required. Samples of work will be required. Please submit a full-length (mandatory) and a one act (if possible).
  • Designers: An interview will be required. Samples of work will be required.
  • The Admissions Committee may request an interview with any applicant.
  • Please direct any questions to Tom Rowan, Submissions Coordinator, at the email address below.
  • All application are to be submitted electronically.

Submit All Required Material to: newmemberadmissions@ensemblestudiotheatre.org


  • Applications will be accepted throughout the year.
  • The annual deadline for applications is September 1st.
  • New member candidates, vetted by the New Member Admissions Committee and Members Council, must be approved by the membership at either a Special Member Meeting, or at the Annual Member Meeting held in December of each year.
  • We will do our best to inform applicants of their status during the admissions process.
  • The process for membership may take at least one year.
  • There may be changes to the above procedures if an artist of exceptional merit shows interest in our organization.
  • A candidate, in any discipline, may be invited to participate in a project at EST as part of the evaluation process.
  • Members Council Co-Chairs will notify all candidates after the final vote is taken and let them know the results.